by butterflyshapes

This will be quite a brief recap because I have some homework to catch up on and with only one month (!!!) left in the course I best get to it…

Our Friday evening kicked off with teaching assesments and luckily mine fell on the Friday eve so I didn’t have to wait the entire weekend anxiously awaiting. Our group all did so well and I was so proud of my fellow class friends 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t read the homework correctly and had prepared an entire 45 minute asana practice but apart from that it went really well. The feedback I received was really complimentary and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and actuatually enjoyed the planning and prepartion for my class. It was a fantastic evening and definitely one of my favourite weekends at chi and co.

On the Saturday morning I managed to get in an enjoyable run before class started with Marit. The first class was the remainder of the yoga sutras followed by a recap on the cakras which is a topic I really have enjoyed learning about. I met my mum at tramway round the corner for an hour then we spent the afternoon discussing our yoga experiences which was so nice. A lot of tears and laughter were shared and it made me realise how much I am going to miss my regular training weekends. I dread to think what our final month will be like! We will  likely need several rolls of tissue paper! Afterwards we had seasonal practice with Julie and she introduced us to chair yoga which was actually quite the workout. It really is amazing all the various ways you can practice yoga. Finally we enjoyed a chapter of Yoga Nidra which was really lovely and comforting end to our fantastic weekend.

I am going to go finish my homework now and will be back soon with further chat shortly.

How are you? Tell me what you have been up to lately?! I am a little behind on my google reader and need to play catch up!