Autumn Love

by butterflyshapes

A westend cycle

Walking on Autumn Leaves

           Early Christmas Shopping

World Market

Just a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately 🙂

I have been enjoying my morning running in the lovely fresh October mornings as for once its not raining cats & dogs and I have discovered some lovely little trails round my neck of the woods. Cycling is also so much more enjoyable when the weather is bright and the evenings are still almost still light. I have also been doing a lot of yoga practice for my upcoming assessment (this Friday). I have a 15 minute flow to present alongside three class members who also have fifteen minutes allocated time to perform. I am very nervous about doing the class because I have given myself a bit too much to remember and I’m worried about going over time, under time, forgetting everything! Plus I am softly spoken apparently so I hope everyone can actually hear me! As you can probably gather I am getting in a little fluster about it all.

In other news I have a rotten cold which is making breathing quite difficult but not as hard as when I experienced my lapse in severe anemia lately. I have been meaning to write about this for some time… basically my hemoglobin dropped to a dangerous level. The reasons are still being investigated causing me to be out of breath from even walking up stairs! I was sleepy all the time and really fatigued if I did even little things- I knew it was bad when I thought it was an effort to pick up a magazine in the doctors surgery and requested a blood test. Luckily I did because it revealed how bad my levels had become and wouldn’t of been picked up on unless I had asked for the test. What I’ve learnt is if you have a feeling something isn’t right with your health you should speak up! I was so worried about being a hypochondriac and felt stupid but it turns out my inner feeling was right. Scary stuff!

I will be glad once I get rid of this cold as my yoga training weekends for the past 3 months have been tough because of my poor health and I want to get the most out of my course! I’ve realised that we are only a short time away from it being over and as much as its tough mentally & physically I will miss seeing my chi & co buddies on a regular basis. Back again soon with an October review and details on my assignment. Wish me luck!


How do you get over nerves? Any suggestions? What have you been enjoying about the Autumn season?