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Month: September, 2012


Wow we are about to leave September and have October upon us which is bringing us into one of my favourite seasons with the fallen leaves, beautiful colours and cosy scarfs! I’ll recap Septembers training weekend which flew by but we missed our tutor Julie who is away to the states.

The beginning of the weekend we learnt about the Yin Body clock with Sue, followed by an intensive yoga session and posture workshop.

Our early start the following morning began with Astanga which we did mysore style which basically involves doing your own practice with Cathy and he guidance to complete a full class. I definitely feel my Astanga has come on since the beginning of the course and before I was unsure of it… now its a firm favourite style of yoga that I really enjoy. After class we learnt about Pranayama (breathing) and meditation the inner smile with Marit. It was a great meditation but after all our Astanga practice and early start I did feel myself getting sleepy.  After a break we went on to learn about the Yoga Sutras, body anatomy and Cakras.

Typical food shot.

We were served a vegetarian lunch and because it was a pleasant afternoon I went to meet my mother for (probably shouldn’t admit this on a YOGA blog) coffee! My tapa one day will be to kick the caffeine but I reckon being able to stick with my original one is quite an achievement in itself so one step at a time eh?

We continued our discussion about the Yoga Sutras and did another posture workshop. We were also assigned a time and season for our upcoming assessment! We have to perform a 40 minute flow class with introduction, pranayama and guided meditation which I will probably talk more about in my next post as I am ever so nervous, anxious and worried about being up in front of people. I knew it was coming and would come but yeah… next post! Our weekend was completed with a joint mobilisation class and touch skills which was wonderful! We were put in pairs and mobilize each others arms, legs and shoulders which was just so relaxing and made me consider doing my next lot of study in massage. Overall the weekend was very enjoyable and its interesting to look back at how far we have all come in our own practice and studies.

Are you studying just now? What are you doing? Given the opportunity what would you like to do? What is your favourite season?


Blogging Mini Break

Had a bit of a health scare and taking the time to focus on my health so will be back blogging v. shortly as I have another yoga training weekend coming up.

Just to let you know I am okay and haven’t abandoned you! Miss hearing from you guys!

Did you all have a nice weekend? What did you get up to? Anything exciting? 

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