by butterflyshapes


Our training weekend began with our late summer practice with Sue & Julie. It was a really nice introduction to the upcoming weekend and really helped my hips that were insanely sore from running. As you may of gathered from my last post I really wasn’t up to the training weekend but did go along as I’m no quitter! However I felt really emotional and just wanted to go home the majority of the time which I think is mainly linked to my poor health at the moment. My anemia has got progressively worse rather than better and its affecting me physically i.e exhausted, tearful, achey and sad. Luckily I get to study with a wonderful bunch of people which is a welcome relief as my past experience of studying has been truly awful. Yoga training at chi and co has really changed my perception of what study is all about and it is mainly down to the great people I get the opportunity to train with. Anyway I’ve veered of the info for August! We did several posture workshops and learnt Sanskrit words which have started to escape me already don’t you worry Julie I’m sure we will be speaking the correct terms by the end of the course… ahem

Saturday began with the opening meditation, mysore astanga and student led pranayama which was easier than expected as I was quite worried about set up but it went swimmingly!

We had anatomy lectures from Ros about digestion and girls things followed by a presentation on yoga during pregnancy which was really interesting. Apparently one lady came to class during early labour and managed to complete her entire yoga class. Dedication right?! We were then provided lunch by Julie which is always a lovely array of vegetarian goodies.


Afterwards we discovered our NLP learning styles and I found out I am kinesthetic learner. If you want to find out what kind of learner you are check out here. We had more posture workshops, body observations and Sue delivered a great presentation on the tummy meridian points and energy exercises for balancing and centering the body.

The information and company this weekend was great as usual its just a pity I’m feeling so poorly otherwise I would of enjoyed it more.

Any questions about any yoga subjects? What kind of learner are you? Is the anything you would like more of on the blog? Talk to me!