Olympics 2012

by butterflyshapes

So tonight marks the end of the Olympics which I am so sad about because its been wonderful viewing! I am currently waiting for the closing ceremony to start and decided I best get my update about London times to share with you guys.

I went to London with my mother and she by accident booked first class for her train journey down… I however had not but because we had a nice conductor man he said it was fine so I blagged my way into 1st class. Score! It is actually so much better with a coach to ourselves, complimentary drinks and free internet.

We arrived in London Saturday evening and went to our hotel in Kensington and crashed out in bed exhausted from our travel. In the morning I got up did some yoga then hit the gym and pool which was great because I had the gym to myself and the pool was lovely and warm. I do enjoy a good yoga and workout session! Afterwards I introduced my mum to the wonders of whole foods while she enjoyed breakfast I quickly grabbed some speciality teas and fresh fruit because it was time to head over to Westminister for… the Olympic Marathon!

The rain was really bad but all of a sudden went off thanks to my morning sun salutations (obviously) and the atmosphere in London was electric! I was so excited and we cheered for every runner. We managed to get a great spot just under Big Ben! The event was very well organised and everyone was in great spirits. I enjoyed it so so much!

Afterwards we headed to Hyde park for some live coverage and it was v. busy but again everyone was happy and it was just the nicest atmosphere. I am pleased I got chance to visit London during the Olympic time and get to see my favourite event for real. As it was a flying visit I had to dash off across London to Kings cross to catch my late night train back to Glasgow. Unfortunately the train journey back wasn’t as stylish as the trip down but then again you can’t have everything eh?

I have a busy week ahead and a yoga training weekend coming up on Friday which I am quite anxious about. I will talk more about this in my next post because right now I am going to watch the closing ceremony. Big sad face.

What has been your favourite Olympic event? I loved the gymnastics, athletics and swimming.