A day out in Glasgow

by butterflyshapes

I have talked only a little about my actual self on here so I decided to share with you guys a day out in my hometown.

It started with a good old run, cycle and swim followed by an afternoon at the football. My first ever football match! I was always so scared of these types of events but it was a good family day out.

I later went to the Merchant City festival which was buzzing and full of cute little stalls, food and some interesting people.

I was planning to get a Buddha for my home… a wooden one btw but they only had brass ones so I was drawn to this cat. I don’t know if its gorgeous or slightly creepy but I like her and think I’ll name her Astro. Sadly it started to rain pretty heavily so a trip to the local shopping center (or mall) to pick up some essentials i.e hairspray and toothpaste if you must know 😉

I then came home to do my own yoga practice as we have to do at least 10 minutes four times a week and my own practice hasn’t been super this week so an easy wind down felt real good. The plan was to see Batman at the cinema but unfortunately or fortunately (I hear its three hours long… whaaa?) so we ended up going to see Seeking a friend for the end of the world which was relatively short and had a sweet/ tragic storyline. I liked it anyway.

So there you have it just a little insight to my weekend! Also I had exciting news to share… which is Olympic related! On Saturday I am heading with my mum to London town to see the Olympic Female Marathon on Sunday. Excited doesn’t even come close to what I’m feeling about going to see the race in real life! Eeeee!