by butterflyshapes

I can’t believe its been a whole month since I was last at teacher training- time just flies by the older you get! Remember when a week in school seemed like an eternity?! This month we continued with our Summer Seasonal Practice and started the Friday evening with Julie Hanson and seasonal flow class. Afterwards Sue Woodd rejoined us after being on her holidays to teach us about conditions of the heart. I missed Sue! She is such a wonderful energetic teacher its hard to describe what she is like but you would understand if you met her. We did a short posture workshop and was introduced to Billy who is a true hero in my eyes! He is a yogi that Julie met years ago that had been in a serious accident and the journey that he has been on to rehabilitate with the use of yoga was just amazing to hear about. We completed the evening with meditation and I came home and fell asleep pretty promptly.

Saturday morning was an early start which I wasn’t prepared for because when we started meditation that morning I could feel my body wanting to sink into the cosy cushions and blankets in the studio for the next few hours! Don’t worry I didn’t! I managed to stay awake for Sue to share with us information on blowing on the embers of the heart and breathing practice. The next part of the morning was the scary moment we had all been dreading! Teaching Astanga to our peers and teachers… To say I was nervous would be an understatement!!!! I was petrified and because of how I’d been feeling of late my nerves were not helped. We did it though! I was so proud of my whole class as they did an excellent job of taking us through practice and it really wasn’t anywhere near as dreadful as I was expecting.



Breakfast was served! It is always a wonderful array of fruits, soy yogurts, nuts, seeds and pukka tea! During breakfast we started on our studies of anatomy of the heart with Ros.

Sue then discussed the heart Cakra i.e ‘Anahata’ and techniques for amplifications. I will get round to doing a post on Cakras as its pretty interesting stuff! Ros then discussed the text ‘The bagavad Gita’ and then there was the return of the fountain of yoga knowledge… Marit for  a lecture on the book ‘The Prophet’. Marit had a little baby and we haven’t seen her for a few months so it was lovely to see her and meet her baba son.



Lunch was then served! It was a beautiful array of goodies provided by Marlene who I am hoping is going to join us for a guest post shortly.


I wasn’t feeling to awesome and had to have a nap which I will talk about more in my next post. I’m anemic again so tiredness and being hit by bus is a regular feeling in my life right now. Anyway Julie kindly get a snap shot of her lunch and said it was awfully yummy.

After my power nap we discussed our own flow classes and Sue talked about the heart meridians and energy exercises which helped awaken me from my slumber! We had our final posture workshop of the weekend with demonstrations of  Vinyasa by Billy.

After a cuppa tea Julie did a lecture on the nervous system and spine and we had a discussion on the body clock. To complete the weekend Sue did a body clock yoga routine with us which finished the day perfectly.

I’m going to try and get a few posts in before the next update on training as I have some information I’d like to share and also some pretty exciting news…