by butterflyshapes

No No not the Spanish dishes guys… you foodies 😉 Tapas in Yoga means to discipline and to have a goal or focus in mind this doesn’t mean perfection but to have some objective in place.

As part of my homework I was to create and implement a Tapa and mine sounds really simple but the changes to come of this small goal impacted on other parts of my life. My tapa is to go to bed earlier! To start with I went to bed 10 minutes earlier and throughout the month increased this time period gradually.

Simple as it sounds but going to bed that bit earlier has changed my way of life quite substantially. It forced a change in routine from eating my evening snack a little earlier, which has always been a big struggle as I typically ate as late as 11pm. To being able to wake earlier because I was more rested from the extra bit of sleep I had gained that night.

However making this small change wasn’t as easy it sounds. I found myself almost procrastinating about my new goal and putting off achieving it by watching telly that bit longer to spending more time on the internet late at night making my goal that less obtainable. I was expecting to be able to shut off come 10pm and go to sleep but considering my usual bed time had been as late as 2am I think I was being a little unrealistic. Gradually reducing the wind down time to going to bed and preparing using small steps such as beginning with 5 minutes and slowly building up the time I can now get into bed just after 11pm and be asleep by half past. It’s not quite what I hoped for but I think my tapa will have to be a long-standing one in order to get on the right track.

I have found this goal relatively difficult but is definitely beneficial to my health and well being so really hope to continue working hard towards achieving it.