Teaching a Class

by butterflyshapes

Now if you know me in real life then you know I can be relatively shy that is of course untill I get to know me.. you’ll beg me to shut up! Anyway… I don’t do talking in front of people, in fact I’ll share a really embarrassing story. When I was at University we had regular presentations in front of the class and I was terrified so scared that my hands were shaking! That would be okay if I didn’t have to put acetates down on the huge projector and my little shaky paws were a huge puppet style shadow for everyone to see. Oh dear! I’m starting to go off topic so back to what happened this weekend….

I taught my first ever Yoga Class! Well I helped out with some of the class in front of real live people! Our homework this month is to learn a part of Astanga practice and perform it this coming weekend so as a bit of prep my current Yoga teacher let me teach my Sun Salutation B for her Sunday class.

Now I’ll be honest I didn’t execute it perfectly and can’t remember my own name never mind sanskrit but I gave it a go and didn’t fall in a heap on the floor. I was very red faced, hot and sweaty afterwards (tmi?) but I completed it and do you know what?! No where near as bad as I was expecting! The class were lovely and welcoming! The only thing I should keep in mind is everyone is at different levels so making sure everyone was in the correct positioning was quite the task. However it went really well and perhaps one day I will be taking my own class!