My personal Journey

by butterflyshapes

Now as some of you know I used to blog about my eating disorder struggles but found that if I wanted to vent my crazy thoughts I was better keeping it to pen & paper. Writing about my eating and exercise routines that rule my life isn’t helpful to anyone else and I was constantly worried I would trigger someone else or someone would think my lifestyle was okay. Having an eating disorder is still a constant battle and is miserable for me and those around me.

I have found Yoga is helping me get in tune with mind and body and although I am by no means ‘well’ and Yoga hasn’t cured me it has honestly been the most helpful thing in my life thus far. Through my many years of treatment, hospitalisations and therapy my Yoga practice in these past few months have been far more beneficial to my mental health and physically doesn’t hurt me the way some of the aerobics classes I was forced to quit because of my injuries. I am really finding my way with the course and enjoying learning about yoga as a history, anatomy and nutrition in a non obsessional way is really helpful and enlightening.

Mmm anyway! Thats just a little bit behind blog and why I am sharing my journey with you all 🙂

Much Love and Hugs