by butterflyshapes

Each month we are given homework and have a fairly extensive list of books to read and whole array of topics to study. In the Spring months we were to study Niyama of saucha: Purity… all these fancy yoga names can be a itty bit confusing to let me explain…

There are five levels of purity in the Niyamas of Saucha these are

1. External Physical Purity (body, dirt)
2. Internal Physical Purity (mucas and disease)
3. Pranic Purity (Toxins, low energy and little flow)
4. Emotional Purity (negative emotions)
5. Mental Purity (confusion and insomnia)

One level affects the other and its difficult to have a clear mind when filling your body with toxins. Impurity makes life harder and is therefore extremely important to a yoga practitioner to rid impurities be able to excel in their practice and enjoy life more.

Purity begins with cleanliness and tidying when embracing purity the whole body, emotionally, physically and your surrounding environment will become clearer.

There are many ways to start purifying your life some of which focus on diet and fasting, purifying relationships and letting go of energy drainers in your life making room for something more pure, the air you breath could be toxic so cleansing by ridding impure substances that make life harder or it could simply be impure thoughts and by challenging the mind to replace negative emotions with more positive thoughts and actions.

As a relatively clean eater and leading an active lifestyle I decided the one impure thing in my life that I needed to rid was… the cigarettes! I am actually really embarrassed about smoking and kept it quite the secret!

Its not very yogic to smoke but also my body was damaged daily by the amount of toxins inhaled from tobacco. I decided I would go on a 10-day fast and eliminate smoking from my life. It has not been easy in fact it’s been downright hard but after the first week I noticed how much clearer things in my life have become. I feel cleaner, nicer and stronger minus the initial agitation purifying my body in this way was the best thing I could do right now.

It’s been over the 10-day mark and I’m still purifying my body by taking a big step back from smoking. I am dare I say became a ‘non smoker’ in fact weirdly can’t actually stand to be round smoking, which has liberated me in so many ways. It has been a total of 3 whole months and I haven’t touched a cigarette at all! So now you know a little bit about me I used to be a smoker but not anymore and if I can do it then anyone can.

Have you got rid of anything in your life lately? What would you like to do? What is preventing you? Would be lovely to hear from you all.

Love and Hugs