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Month: June, 2012

April & May

Hello Summer? Hmm we’ll see! The weather has been so changeable that I don’t actually know what Season we are in!  Since I’m so behind on sharing my experience and have lots of other stuff to share I thought I would combine April & May and give you a brief (ish) run down of what went on at Chi & Co.


Spring was still the focus of our seasonal flow class at the beginning of our training. We then participated in a posture workshop and was introduced to Trataka (candle gazing) which I really enjoyed and made meditation a lot easier. I suggest giving it a go if you have trouble switching off it also helps if you can’t sleep which my mum was struggling with at the time and found she benefited a lot from it.

After a morning meditation we had an active Ashtanga class with Cathy Moran followed by Shitali and Sitkari pranayama with Marit Griffith. Our lectures for the day included further information on Yamas and non wasting of energy, Svadhistanna (Sacral Cakra), Anatomy, Liver Meridian points and Yoga Energy Flows. We had a posture workshop with squats and deep lunges which I thought was great but I may be the only person that loves these exercises! Is anyone else with me? Didn’t think so! Anyway I digress… we completed April working on Drishti (focus) and Eye yoga cleansing.


The weekend began with our seasonal flow class taken by Julie Hanson which led us into Early Summer. This time of year had us preparing for the Summer months ahead and lots of focus Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) and generating heat in the body.

The following morning we had our usual Ashtanga Yoga led by Cathy Moran. Afterwards we participated in Pranayama class with Sue Woodd and study of Manipura (Navel Cakra). We then had a discussion with Julie about Tapas (goal setting) which I’ll share more about soon and a posture workshop. We learnt more about anatomy and discovered the peracardium meridian points and learnt some great energy exercises for the Early Summer. Our weekend finished with energy reading and some release exercises with my new best friend… the chi ball.

Think I’ve probably went on enough this evening but I hope you enjoyed reading about my yoga weekends for the Spring/ Early Summer months.

Love and Hugs




Please forgive my timing for update on my study with Chi & Co but with the launch only coming around late May I am a little back logged with updates about the course & my homework. Rewinding… To March!

I had a lot of homework to catch up on after missing the first month and only joining my fellow yogis at Lendrick Lodge instead of January. The reading list we were given is fairly extensive and fairly daunting considering I hadn’t picked up a book in quite some time! However my first task was reading ‘Mula Bandha – The master key’ which was a really great read and grasped my attention quite the thing. Good thing too! As my homework related to bandhas (energetic keys) and the meaning of each one and what benefits you receive and how they work. A book I will also be referring to throughout my course is Energy in Season which is a colourful, beautifully interesting book and I always enjoy referencing to it throughout my studies. The training weekend for March began on a Friday with our Seasonal Yoga practice on focus on Spring. This Season is about starting a fresh and clearing out with the old to begin preparing from the new. A lot of the poses during our Spring session contained a lot of side stretches and had particular focus on the meridian points. We had a posture workshop followed by a lecture from Sue Woodd on the gall bladder meridian points and energy exercises followed by a meditation led by Julie Hanson. An early start with our very own fountain of yoga knowledge Marit Griffith followed by pranayama (breathing) practice, introductions to our yoga topics Cakras, Mula Bandha and Ashwini Mudra. Afterwards we participated in a fairly energetic Ashtanga class taught by Cathy Moran which was just so refreshing and enjoyable. I am used to Hatha yoga which is much more laid back and relaxed compared to Ashtanga. Luckily this class woke me up quite the thing for our lectures ahead of us… Intro to Yamas from Marit, Skeletal system and the spine with Dr Ros Jamieson, A great presentation of the anatomy of joints with Sue and a posture workshop.

Our training weekend was exhausting but very interesting and introduced me to new things in yoga which I am still getting to grasps with. The thing I have struggled with with regards to the course is learning to say the Sanskrit names correctly but hopefully come the Winter season I will be a pro at reciting them… heres hoping anyway!

I have a fair amount of homework to do with regards to yamas (i.e goals) which I will share with you all very soon.

Love and Hugs


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