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Month: May, 2012

Lendrick Lodge

I received a telephone call one morning from Julie Hanson a week before the retreat giving me a run down about the course and what it entailed. I was so excited to hear about this amazing course and weekend away it sounded ideal and when Julie offered me a place I jumped at the chance. I was extremely nervous, excited and scared particularly going away with a group of people I’d never met before but I thought what have I got to lose and started preparing for my weekend away.

I packed up everything except the kitchen sink and my best friend Donna collected me on Friday evening. After a mini road trip we arrived at Lendrick lodge where I was allocated a room with one of the trainees Kerri.

Lendrick Lodge itself offered a warm atmosphere, the scent of incense, the gorgeous studio, large dining area, huge lounge with roasting log fire and a host of welcoming caring staff.

The first evening was so inviting having met other course participants I was blown away by how kind and friendly everyone on the course were towards me. They welcomed me with open arms and are all such an array of lovely people alongside Marit, Sue, Claire and Julie the course leaders I instantly felt at ease and looked forward to our weekend ahead. Exhausted I headed to bed and prepared for the mornings silence/ manuna.

Saturday morning began with a silence which was strangely really comforting and nice. It involved not talking to one another or making eye contact which sounds really hard but the only thing I found most difficult was if you were supposed to hold doors open for other people! It was an 7am start and morning meditation with Marit followed by my first ever Astanga class with Claire.  We then had a day of lectures learning about the chakras, pranayama, central channel exercises, posture awareness and teaching points. It was a packed day but extremely enjoyable and followed by an evening of entertainment in front of the log fire.

Sunday morning began with another Manuna which was easier because you knew what to expect. Our practice began with gentle tantric yoga followed by vedantic meditation both led by Marit. The rest of the day involved lectures on the skeletal system, NLP and more posture workshops.

It was a truly wonderful weekend and I would love to visit Lendrick Lodge again but what really made the weekend for me was the smoothly ran course, wonderful company and learning about something I was ready to immerse myself in; The Yoga Seasonal Teacher Training course.

Love and Hugs




I’m Amy and you can find out more about me by checking my about me page! I started studying with Chi & Co back in February of this year after having a really hard time and decided I wanted a direction for my passion for exercise and find out about something completely foreign to me. Yoga ticks all the boxes! It offers an enjoyable form of exercise that is non destructive to my body and gave my mind the space & time to really connect and feel what I wanted from my own being.

I have so far completed four full months of training which I have kept a diary of and will be sharing with you guys how the course has been going. I will then continue to post about my experience over the next year and want to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding yoga, seasonal flow or chi & co please get in touch and I will try my best to help out.

Love and Hugs


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