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Seasons greetings!


Class of 2012

I completed my diploma in yoga ūüôā

Full recap coming soon.

All the best for the New Year!


This will be quite a brief recap because I have some homework to catch up on and with only one month (!!!) left in the course I best get to it…

Our Friday evening kicked off with teaching assesments and luckily mine fell on the Friday eve so I didn’t have to wait the entire weekend anxiously awaiting. Our group all did so well and I was so proud of my fellow class friends ūüôā Unfortunately I didn’t read the homework correctly and had prepared an entire 45 minute asana practice but apart from that it went really well. The feedback I received was really complimentary and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and actuatually enjoyed the planning and prepartion for my class. It was a fantastic evening and definitely one of my favourite weekends at¬†chi and co.

On the Saturday morning I managed to get in an enjoyable run before class started with Marit. The first class was the remainder of the yoga sutras followed by a recap on the cakras which is a topic I really have enjoyed learning about. I met my mum at tramway round the corner for an hour then we spent the afternoon discussing our yoga experiences which was so nice. A lot of tears and laughter were shared and it made me realise how much I am going to miss my regular training weekends. I dread to think what our final month will be like! We will  likely need several rolls of tissue paper! Afterwards we had seasonal practice with Julie and she introduced us to chair yoga which was actually quite the workout. It really is amazing all the various ways you can practice yoga. Finally we enjoyed a chapter of Yoga Nidra which was really lovely and comforting end to our fantastic weekend.

I am going to go finish my homework now and will be back soon with further chat shortly.

How are you? Tell me what you have been up to lately?! I am a little behind on my google reader and need to play catch up!


Its taken me quite some time to get round to updating the blog of late because of illness, life and lack of motivation. I have a feeling the Winter creeping in has something to do with my dip in mood and that I am on cold number two in the space of 6 weeks.

I was apprehensive about sharing this months training because if I’m honest I didn’t complete the entire weekend and feel bad because I’ve come so far but have stumbled in the last few months. Its no secret that I’ve been struggling with the course but I think that is more to do with personal circumstance and failing health than the course it self.

The weekend started of rather difficult because I wasn’t feeling particularly well and my yoga buddy who I have been going along with every month was also poorly. I missed her a lot! Anyway on arrival we were allocated rooms with our yogi groups and got started on performing our flow sequence. I was incredibly nervous and felt so anxious that I had that usual build up of emotion and just wanted to cry. Is it just me that gets this? What can I say! I’m a sensitive soul. My chance to do my 15 minutes of yoga came and went and really wasn’t half as bad as my mind had worked it up to be. I really enjoyed the my class mates flows too and was really impressed at how far each of us has come in a short space of time. It was a late finish and I went home feeling elated but also pretty drained because of all the emotional energy I had let build up and the effects of a lingering cold. I forgot my keys but luckily my mum had a spare set to let me get home and tucked up in bed.

I awoke the following morning even more ill than the day before but was determined to make training and went to get my bike. Oh yes! I forgot my keys so it was a mad rush to get to training on time in pretty miserable weather. I made it and dragged myself through practice and went to the first lecture on Astanga which was really interesting and I was amazed at how much prep you have to do to become an Astanga teacher! Complete dedication! Afterwards we had the second half of the Sutras with Marit, Anatomy with Ros and study of Anja Chakra and Trataka with Marit. During the lecture I felt really off colour and  after a chat with my mentor Sue we decided I would be best to go home and complete the rest of Octobers module next year. I was really sad to go home but also relieved because I felt so poorly and know yoga to me is about well being and felt like I was defeating the purpose of being there by being ill pushing myself.

Unfortunately I have another cold but I am hoping it is gone by next weekend as we have a full hour to teach and I want to last the weekend this time! Hopefully I’ll be back with a more uplifting recap and will try not to stress about teaching as much this time as I know its really not as scary as anticipated.¬†Lastly the new¬†website¬†is up and running thanks to Graeme!

Autumn Love

A westend cycle

Walking on Autumn Leaves

           Early Christmas Shopping

World Market

Just a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately ūüôā

I have been enjoying my morning running in the lovely fresh October mornings as for once its not raining cats & dogs and I have discovered some lovely little trails round my neck of the woods. Cycling is also so much more enjoyable when the weather is bright and the evenings are still¬†almost¬†still light. I have also been doing a lot of yoga practice for my upcoming¬†assessment¬†(this Friday). I have a 15 minute flow to present alongside three class members who also have fifteen minutes allocated time to perform. I am very nervous about doing the class because I have given myself a bit too much to remember and I’m worried about going over time, under time, forgetting everything! Plus I am softly spoken apparently so I hope everyone can actually hear me! As you can probably gather I am getting in a little fluster about it all.

In other news I have a rotten cold which is making breathing quite difficult but not as hard as when I experienced my lapse in severe anemia lately. I have been meaning to write about this for some time… basically¬†my¬†hemoglobin¬†dropped to a dangerous level. The reasons are still being¬†investigated¬†causing me to be out of breath from even walking up stairs! I was sleepy all the time and really fatigued if I did even little things- I knew it was bad when I thought it was an effort to pick up a magazine in the doctors surgery and requested a blood test. Luckily I did because it revealed how bad my levels had become and wouldn’t of been picked up on unless I had asked for the test. What I’ve learnt is if you have a feeling something isn’t right with your health you should speak up! I was so worried about being a¬†hypochondriac¬†and felt stupid but it turns out my inner feeling was right. Scary stuff!

I will be glad once I get rid of this cold as my yoga training weekends for the past 3 months have been tough because of my poor health and I want to get the most out of my course! I’ve realised that we are only a short time away from it being over and as much as its tough mentally &¬†physically¬†I will miss seeing my chi & co buddies on a regular basis. Back again soon with an October review and details on my assignment. Wish me luck!


How do you get over nerves? Any suggestions? What have you been enjoying about the Autumn season?


Wow we are about to leave September and have October upon us which is bringing us into one of my favourite seasons with the fallen leaves, beautiful colours and cosy scarfs! I’ll recap Septembers training weekend which flew by but we missed our tutor¬†Julie¬†who is away to the states.

The beginning of the weekend we learnt about the Yin Body clock with Sue, followed by an intensive yoga session and posture workshop.

Our early start the following morning began with Astanga which we did mysore style which¬†basically¬†involves doing your own practice with¬†Cathy¬†and he guidance to complete a full class. I¬†definitely¬†feel my Astanga has come on since the beginning of the course and before I was unsure of it… now its a firm favourite style of yoga that I really enjoy. After class we learnt about Pranayama (breathing) and meditation the inner smile with¬†Marit. It was a great meditation but after all our Astanga practice and early start I did feel myself getting sleepy.¬†¬†After a break we went on to learn about the Yoga Sutras, body anatomy and Cakras.

Typical food shot.

We were served a vegetarian lunch and because it was a pleasant afternoon I went to meet my mother for (probably shouldn’t admit this on a YOGA blog) coffee! My tapa one day will be to kick the¬†caffeine¬†but I reckon being able to stick with my original one¬†is quite an¬†achievement¬†in itself so one step at a time eh?

We continued our discussion about the Yoga Sutras and did another posture workshop. We were also assigned a time and season for our upcoming¬†assessment! We have to perform a 40 minute flow class with introduction, pranayama and guided meditation which I will probably talk more about in my next post as I am ever so nervous, anxious and worried about being up in front of people. I knew it was coming and would come but yeah… next post! Our weekend was completed with a joint mobilisation class and touch skills which was wonderful! We were put in pairs and¬†mobilize¬†each others arms, legs and shoulders which was just so relaxing and made me consider doing my next lot of study in massage. Overall the weekend was very enjoyable and its interesting to look back at how far we have all come in our own practice and studies.

Are you studying just now? What are you doing? Given the opportunity what would you like to do? What is your favourite season?

Blogging Mini Break

Had a bit of a health scare and taking the time to focus on my health so will be back blogging v. shortly as I have another yoga training weekend coming up.

Just to let you know I am okay and haven’t abandoned you! Miss hearing from you guys!

Did you all have a nice weekend? What did you get up to? Anything exciting? 



Our training weekend began with our late summer practice with Sue & Julie. It was a really nice introduction to the upcoming weekend and really helped my hips that were insanely sore from running. As you may of gathered from my last post I really wasn’t up to the training weekend but did go along as I’m no quitter! However I felt really emotional and just wanted to go home the majority of the time which I think is mainly linked to my poor health at the moment. My anemia has got progressively worse rather than better and its affecting me¬†physically¬†i.e exhausted, tearful, achey and sad. Luckily I get to study with a wonderful bunch of people which is a welcome relief as my past experience of studying has been truly awful. Yoga training at¬†chi and co¬†has really changed my perception of what study is all about and it is mainly down to the great people I get the opportunity to train with. Anyway I’ve veered of the info for August! We did several posture workshops and learnt Sanskrit words which have started to escape me already don’t you worry Julie¬†I’m sure we will be speaking the correct terms by the end of the course…¬†ahem

Saturday began with the opening meditation, mysore astanga and student led pranayama which was easier than expected as I was quite worried about set up but it went swimmingly!

We had anatomy lectures from Ros about digestion and girls things followed by a presentation on yoga during pregnancy which was really interesting. Apparently one lady came to class during early labour and managed to complete her entire yoga class. Dedication right?! We were then provided lunch by Julie which is always a lovely array of vegetarian goodies.


Afterwards we discovered our NLP learning styles and I found out I am kinesthetic learner. If you want to find out what kind of learner you are check out here. We had more posture workshops, body observations and Sue delivered a great presentation on the tummy meridian points and energy exercises for balancing and centering the body.

The information and company this weekend was great as usual its just a pity I’m feeling so poorly otherwise I would of enjoyed it more.

Any questions about any yoga subjects? What kind of learner are you? Is the anything you would like more of on the blog? Talk to me!


I decided to post about this as its something that I struggle with on a daily basis but feel through my practice it has eased a little but I have a long way to go.

To know me I am usually always when I’m not having a rant about something really smiley and chatty almost annoyingly so. However beneath this big smile I plaster on to the world I have a internal battle going on. I find being round people exceptionally difficult which I am pushing to overcome through my training. The training weekends are the hardest and my anxiety about a weekend surrounded by others sends me in to an anxious state. I actually go into blind panic and regularly toy with the idea of not going at all. However through speaking about how I feel and being honest about it I feel so much better. Last month I was having a moment of wondering wether I was doing the right thing and had huge lapse in confidence. I spoke to some of the wonderful students on my course and turns out they felt the same way! I was shocked that I wasn’t the only one experiencing the flight feeling in fight or flight but to meet people that understand meant so much to me.

It is a daily battle to get out that front door because of how I regularly feel but through opening up and challenging that feeling maybe one day it won’t be such a task.

Sorry to go all deep on you there but I just needed to get things off my chest especially with the up and coming weekend.

Olympics 2012

So tonight marks the end of the Olympics which I am so sad about because its been wonderful viewing! I am currently waiting for the closing ceremony to start and decided I best get my update about London times to share with you guys.

I went to London with my mother and she by accident booked first class for her train journey down… I however had not but because we had a nice conductor man he said it was fine so I blagged my way into 1st class. Score! It is actually so much better with a coach to ourselves,¬†complimentary¬†drinks and free internet.

We arrived in London Saturday evening and went to our hotel in Kensington and crashed out in bed exhausted from our travel. In the morning I got up did some yoga then hit the gym and pool which was great because I had the gym to myself and the pool was lovely and warm. I do enjoy a good yoga and workout session! Afterwards I introduced my mum to the wonders of whole foods while she enjoyed breakfast I quickly grabbed some speciality teas and fresh fruit because it was time to head over to Westminister for… the Olympic Marathon!

The rain was really bad but all of a sudden went off thanks to my morning sun salutations (obviously) and the atmosphere in London was electric! I was so excited and we cheered for every runner. We managed to get a great spot just under Big Ben! The event was very well organised and everyone was in great spirits. I enjoyed it so so much!

Afterwards we headed to Hyde park for some live coverage and it was v. busy but again everyone was happy and it was just the nicest atmosphere. I am pleased I got chance to visit London during the Olympic time and get to see my favourite event for real. As it was a flying visit I had to dash off across London to Kings cross to catch my late night train back to Glasgow. Unfortunately the train journey back wasn’t as stylish as the trip down but then again you can’t have everything eh?

I have a busy week ahead and a yoga training weekend coming up on Friday which I am quite anxious about. I will talk more about this in my next post because right now I am going to watch the closing ceremony. Big sad face.

What has been your favourite Olympic event? I loved the gymnastics, athletics and swimming.

My New Mat

This is my new mat! I would like to give advice on buying the right yoga mat (I¬†originally¬†wrote mate there which is quite fitting really) I’ll be honest about my new mat… its soft to touch and its pink so it does good in my book. I don’t even know if there is special things to take into¬†consideration¬†regarding a new mat but I bet a pretty colour is very important indeed.

Have you bought a new yoga mat lately? What colour is your mat?

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